Prof. Dr. habil Levan Tschaidze

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Prof. Dr. habil Levan Tschaidze (1911) is outstanding scientist in the field of human motor control. His scientific career was interrupted by II world war (he was awarded 16 war medals). His candidate?s and doctor?s (1961) dissertations were worked out under supervision of Nikolai Aleksandrovitsch Bernstein.

Already in 1947, in Georgian Institute of Physical Culture, he took part in the programme of lectures on biomechanics according to Bernstein?s theory. However, these lectures were abandoned and only in 1958 he, along with Dmitri Dmitrievitsch Donskoj, organized courses on biomechanics for lecturers of biomechanics in Gosudarstvennyj Centralnyj Ordena Lenina Institut Fiziczeskoy Kultury (Lenin?s National Central Institute of Physical Culture, now Russian National Academy of Physical Culture).
He focused his interest on problems of sport and human movement control during cosmic flight. His doctor dissertation concerned the problem of movement control in conditions of weightlessness.
In 1962, in Polish journal ?Wychowanie Fizyczne i Sport? (?Physical Education and Sport?) L.V. Tschaidze published paper with a model of human movement control, being a continuation and development of the model created by N.A. Bernstein in 1957. In 1966 was published his book ?Koordinacija proizvolnych dvizhenij tscheloveka w usloviyach kosmicheskogo poliota? (Co-ordination of voluntary human movements in conditions of a cosmic flight), the foreword to which wrote N.A. Bernstein. The book was translated into English and used by NASA.
Professor Tschaidze authored some 250 papers, among them 6 great monographs. For his outstanding services for sport and astronautics he was awarded numerous distinctions. He is also an honorary member of many international associations.

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