Prof. Dr. habil. Roman Trześniowski

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Prof. TrześniowskiProfessor Roman Trześniowski was born in 1909. In 1930 he completed Teacher's College and in 1936-1939 studied at Central Institute of Physical Culture and Academy of Physical Culture. In 1947 he graduated in physical education at Jagiellonian University, Cracow, and in 1956 - in pedagogy, at Warsaw University. In 1959 he received PhD degree at Research Institute of Physical Education, Warsaw, and in 1964 - the degree of habilitated doctor at Warsaw University. In 1972 he became Full Professor.

In 1931-1936 he worked as teacher, in 1945-1949 ? as school inspector, and since 1949 - as academic teacher in Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw, Poland. In 1964-1971 he was a Head of Chair of Theory and Methodology of Physical Education, in 1964-1969 was Dean of Physical Education Faculty, and in 1975-1977 ? director of Institute of Physical Culture and Recreation. Prof. Trześniowski was also, inter alia, member of Rada Główna Szkolnictwa Wyższego (Main Council of Higher Education), Komitet Nauk o Kulturze Fizycznej Polskiej Akademii Nauk (Physical Culture Committee of Polish Academy of Sciences), and president of Polskie Towarzystwo Nauk o Kulturze Fizycznej (Polish Society of Physical Culture Sciences; 1968-1992). He was also member of editorial boards of numerous scientific journals.
Prof. Trześniowski wrote some 140 scientific papers. Many of them were devoted to physical fitness of children and youth, among other things "Zdrowe i sprawne dziecko" ("Healthy and fit child", 1958), ?Rozwój fizyczny i sprawność młodzieży polskiej? ("Physical development and fitness of Polish youth", 1961), "Miernik sprawności fizycznej uczniów i uczennic w wieku 7-19 lat" (Physical fitness Index of male and female pupils aged 7-19?,1963), "Tabele sprawności fizycznej uczniów i uczennic w wieku 7-19 lat" ("Tables of physical fitness of male and female pupils aged 7-19",1989, in co-operation with S. Pilicz), "Rozwój fizyczny i sprawność fizyczna młodzieży szkolnej w Polsce" ("Physical development and fitness of Polish school-youths", 1990), "Sprawność fizyczna polskiej młodzieży w świetle badań z roku 1989" ("Physical fitness of Polish youth - a 1989 survey", in co-operation with R. Przewęda, 1996), as well as "Zabawy i gry ruchowe" ("Motor plays and games", 9 editions).
Prof Trześniowski invented an original physical fitness index. In 1966, 1979 and 1989 he presided over the researches which involved 219 thousands people. In 1993 on the basis of the researches were worked out the standards for evaluation the physical fitness of youth.
For his achievements he was awarded numerous departmental and national awards, including Grand Cross of Polonia Restituta. In 1992 he received degree of Doctor Honoris Causa from Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw. In 1993 General Assembly of International Association of Sport Kinetics awarded him a title of Honorary Member.
Professor Trześniowski died in 2004.

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