Prof. Dr. Stanislav Celikovski

Created: Sunday, 18 December 2011

Prof. Dr. Stanislav Celikovski, was born in 1923. He was famous educationalist, organizer of science and expert in the field of human movement science. For many years he taught in the Department of Physical Education and Sport, Charles University in Prag, Czechoslovakia. He received degree of habilitated doctor in 1962.

Prof. Čelikovski was one of founders of human movement science (kinesiology, anthropomotorics) in Czechoslovakia and in the international arena. The main subject of his interest was mathematical description of physical education problems. He authored many scientific papers and textbooks, inter alia "Theory of motor abilities" (1976), "Anthropomotorics for students of physical education" (1979), "Analysis, theory and mathematical model of motor abilities" (1990). His outstanding achievement was seminal book "The problems of anthropomotorics in physical education and sport", published in 1978 in Prag, Czechoslovakia. Prof. Čelikovsky presided over a team of well-known Czechoslovak scientists, who worked out this book.
At the second conference organized by International Association of Sport Kinetics, Olomouc, 1991, Prof. Čelikovski was awarded a title of Honorary Member of IASK.
Professor Čelikovski died in 1991.

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