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Created: Thursday, 13 December 2018


On 21–22 November 2018 in Кyiv (Ukraine) a lot of experts from 21 countries and 11 Ukrainian universities were share their achievements in fundamental and applied scientific researches with colleagues on the International Conference «SUSTAINABILITY AND LEGACY IN SPORT: CHALLENGES AND PERSPECTIVES». This forum hold under Patronage of International Association of Sport Kinetics International Association of Universities on Physical Culture and Sport.

The Conference program included not only various aspects of sports orientation. But it also highlighted the role of motor activity and other forms of physical education as a crucial factor in strengthening the health of young people, as well as the Olympic education issuedas a vector of value orientations for the younger generation, which were important in the process of the healthy lifestyle formation and promotion.

The organizers, participants and guests got a video greating from HSH the Sovereign Prince, IOC Member, the Chair IOC Sustainability and Legacy Commission  ALBERT II and greetings from ARTUR PALATNYI (the Chairman of Committee of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Family, Youth Policy, Sport and Tourism), LILIA HRYNEVYCH (the Minister of Ukraine on Education and Science), IGOR ZHDANOV (the Minister of Ukraine on Youth and Sport), SERGIY BUBKA (the President of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine), VASYL KREMEN (the President of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine), WŁODZIMIERZ STAROSTA (the President of International Association of Sport Kinetics), MARIA BULATOVA (the President of the Olympic Academy of Ukraine) and YEVGENIY IMAS (the Rector of the National University of Ukraine on Physical Education and Sport).

Prof. IMAS kindly greeted the participants and guests of the International Conference «Sustainability and Legacy in Sport: Challenges and Perspectives» – a representative forum that had already become traditional and was held annually on the basis of our higher educational establishment. He noted that among the scientific directions of this Conference one of the leading goals was to provide sustainable development in sport, which was closely linked to the issue of ecology in sport, as well as the opportunities and challenges that existed in this area. It was worth mentioning that in the mid-1990s, the International Olympic Committee formed the IOC Commission on Sustainable Development and Legacy; they concluded the agreement on joint activities with the United Nations Environment Program and later on introduced in the Olympic Charter a new provision that declared environmental protection to be the third – together with sports and culture – integral part of Olympism. Nowadays similar topical trends were being successfully implemented in our country – particularly through the activities of the NOC of Ukraine Commission on Sport and Environment formed by the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine several years ago. Therefore, Prof. Imas, are not only the Rector of the NUUPES, but also the Chairman of the NOC of Ukraine Commission on Sport and Environment, and he emphasized that the University, in close cooperation with the NOC, as well as with the interested ministries and departments, had initiated and implemented a number of actions, aimed at developing the concept of sustainable development in sport sphere. The scientists of our higher educational establishment are actively and fruitfully are working on the creation of a scientific platform for the implementation of sustainable development concept in physical culture and sport, based on which the best international experience in solving environmental problems and introducing environmental projects in the field of sport can be used in Ukrainian sport sphere. He said he hopes that the participants and guests of the International Conference «Sustainability and Legacy in Sport: Challenges and Perspectives» would not only be limited to the exchange of scientific and practical experience, as well as the results of fundamental and applied researches during the discussions at the plenary and sectional meetings of this forum, but would also find time to get familiar with a multi-faceted activity of our University. He sincerely wished the participants of the Conference fruitful work, interesting and useful discussions with their colleagues and new creative achievements.

OLHA BORYSOVA, Vice-rector of the University, the Vice-President of International Association of Sport Kinetics was the moderator of the OFFICIAL OPENING CEREMONY OF THE CONFERENCE.

After the OFFICIAL OPENING CEREMONY OF THE CONFERENCE and OFFICIAL GREETINGS the participants and guests listened to:


The 21st  of November

PANEL 1. «MODERN SPORT: LEGAL, SOCIO-ECONOMIC, ORGANIZATIONAL AND MANAGERIAL ASPECTS. ECOLOGY OF SPORT» Moderators: Ye. Imas (Ukraine), O. Borysova (Ukraine), S. Futornyi (Ukraine), Mario Baič (Croatia)

PANEL 2. «PHYSICAL ACTIVITY AS THE BASIS OF THE HUMAN LIFE QUALITY» Moderators: M. Dutchak (Ukraine), T. Krutsevych (Ukraine), O. Andrieieva (Ukraine), Janis Zidens (Latvia)

The 22nd  of November

PANEL 1. OLYMPIC EDUCATION AS A COMPONENT OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF THE OLYMPIC MOVEMENT Moderators: M. Bulatova (Ukraine), Yu. Pavlenko (Ukraine), David Curby (USA), Tatiana Iancheva (Bulgaria)


Also during the 21-22 of November there was the SATELLITE SYMPOSIUM OF SCIENTIFIC COMMISSION OF UNITED WORLD WRESTLING. Moderators: Włodzimierz Starosta (Poland), David Curby (USA), Mario Baič (Croatia), G. Korobeynikov (Ukraine), Bahman Mirzaei (Iran), V. Lysohub (Ukraine), Fikrat Kerimov (Uzbekystan), M. Sybil (Ukraine)

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